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Sam, Accountant
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Hi Please could someone advise me where the original receipts

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Please could someone advise me where the original receipts for travel should stay when a self employed person submits an invoice to us for their work plus the full travel expenses, and then we (a limited, vat registered company) invoice our client for the expenses and add vat...?
Thank you
Thanks for your question
I am Sam and am one of the UK tax experts here on Just Answer.
They should stay with the self employed person, as they have to prove to HMRC (should they open an enquiry) that those travel costs were incurred, as these are costs they can offset against the work undertaken,.
But it would be prudent for them to supply copies of them with the invoice they raise for the work undertaken for you, their client, so you can then take copies (if required) to pass onto your client plus VAT
Your original receipt would then be their invoice with the copies of the travel expenses. (For VAT purposes both for input and output)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


That's great. Thanks very much indeed for your quick reply. Can I just confirm that this is because they would have to declare all of their income (including the reimbursement) and then they would list the travel expenses as such (and have the receipts to back it up if needed) then they wouldn't get taxed on that part of their income...? Thanks for your patience!

You are very welcome - that's what we are here for !
That's right - you have it in one !
And if you had the originals and then 2 years down the line HMRC wanted evidence from this self employed individual of their travel expenses - and your business no longer was trading - or had been taken over, imagine the nightmare they would have trying to obtain originals form you!
Sam and other Tax Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi again!

Our self employed chaps are normally only claiming for travel so it hasn't been an issue but we've been invoiced expenses for car hire... does the self employed person still keep their receipt for that? Wouldn't we need the original receipt to be able to claim the vat aspect of it back?

Thank you!

I see you have declined the additional information request but as your new question is almost a year from the original post (so should be listed as anew question) please could you therefore list this as a new post, so we the experts are credited for our time.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


Sorry Sam, the option was there to reply so I presumed it was ok to continue. I declined the additional information request as it was asking for payment but I have a subscription so there is some sort of bug in the system. Ive emailed Just answer and will post as a seperate question once they've sorted out my payment. Thanks for your reply!

Understood !
Just post anew question under your subscription terms - the additional request (asking for a payment) was activated by me - as you were asking for moew information on a very old question when this needed to be posted as a new question.
Thanks for responding