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Hi, I started a new employment in April 2013 (Only holding

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I started a new employment in April 2013 (Only holding one employment). I received a payment from my previous employer for monies owed after my employment with them finish. This seems to have had a knock on effect where the tax office saw me as being employed by 2 employers and I was getting taxed as such. This went on for 3months until this matter was sorted. However this left me with a tax overspend for which I have tried to get refunded since October 2013. In mth 10 in an attempt for the refund to be made through the PAYE scheme they incorrectly increased my earns by £23,585 and they tried to refund me Circ.£20K in mth 11 PAYE, of which my employer would not allow through the system. I decided that it would be easier to wait to the end of financial year for the refund. It turns out I cannot get a tax refund until they receive a P11D which my employer will not issue till mid June 2014 then it will be September by the time the tax office will process. To add insult I have been advised by my employer that because last years earning have been incorrectly increased my P60 will be incorrect and therefore I will receive an incorrect tax code fro the new tax year.
I have asked to speak with a Tax Inspector or someone higher than an advisor but have been fobbed off. I'm getting increasingly frustrated and don't know what to do.

Can you tell me if you are in the self-assessment systemso that you have to complete annual tax returns please. What taxable benefits did you receive in your current job in the 2013/14 tax year? When exactly did your previous job end? Why was there a delay in payment of monies owed to you?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



Im not on the self assessment system.

I received medical insurance from my current employer worth circa £300.00

I received a company car from previous employer taxed at £100pm.

Changed employment on 22 april 2014.

Tax office tried to pay monies back through PAYE and although confirm amount to be £800.00 they tried to send £21,000 through PAYE in mth 11.


Leave this with me while I draft my answer.
Had the P45 from your previous job included the arrears of pay, this problem would not have occurred so it really is down to your previous employer. I cannot explain what went wrong in the tax office's attempt to get any tax overpayment repaid to you via the payroll of your current employer without seeing exactly what they did so there is no point in speculating but they are only as good as the information given to them.

You need the P11D from your previous employer as well as from the current one as you had a company car with the old employer. If I were you, I'd register for self-assessment by completing a form SA1 which you can find here and when you have been issued with a tax reference number (UTR), register to complete your tax return online here. There are some useful notes here.

By the time you are set up to complete your tax return, you may have your P11Ds. If not, complete and submit it anyway with estimates for your medical and car benefits. You can use the calculator here to work out your car benefit. Hopefully, you will receive any tax repayment you are entitled to automatically but it could be selected for a security check which will delay it. You will need to amend the return when you have the final P11D figures.

If you don't register for self-assessment, you will have to wait for the P11D information to reach the tax office and then call them to ask them review your tax position for 2013/14 and to issue a P800 tax calculation and your tax overpayment. As the P11Ds do not have to be submitted until 6 July, it will probably be September before the situation is resolved as you have alluded to.

As for your current tax code, all you have to do to have this reviewed is to call the tax office on the number here and they will do it while you are on the phone and make any necessary amendment.

I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.
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