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Hi I need some advise Im so angry with my brother who I took

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Hi I need some advise I'm so angry with my brother who I took on he is currently 17 Turing 18 in June he attended college after he left school at 16 I was aware he then continune his course September 2013 for another yr he is 17 I have a review on my tax credits I recieve payments for him cause he goes college but I've contacted the college to get proof he is attending to be told he hasn't been attend college since December 20th when they broke up for Christmas break he never went back I called his connections advisor who said they are aware he left college and said he wasn't happy there and didn't wanna tell me 2 weeks ago he was diagnose having mental issues suffering from depression suicidal anxiety and phobia of leaving house due to issue he witnessed as a child and is regular seen by mental health team I don't know wat to tell tax credits I'm really scared and worried as I wasn't aware but worried they won't believe me

You should not fret about it. You'll make yourself ill. Nobody will criticise you for being honest. Write to the tax credit office and explain the situation as you have here. Tell them you were not aware your brother was not attending college and the background to his problems which led him to stop attending. You were doing the right thing by asking the college for proof of attendance to back up your tax credit claim and that is how you discovered what was going on.

You may have to pay back tax credits for the period you claimed for when your brother was not attending college I'm afraid but it is better to be honest rather than ignore the issue. If you have problems with the tax credit office and feel you are not being treated fairly and with respect, then I'd advise you to take it up with the Citizens' Advice Bureau who have a lot of experience in dealing with tax credit issues.

Remember, nobody can be critical of your honesty. You were let down by your brother and there are reasons for the way he behaved. That will stand you in good stead.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.
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