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I am helping as a debt advisor a person whose business has

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I am helping as a debt advisor a person whose business has failed. He is out of time for submitting his 2013 self assessment forms. Because his business has failed he cannot get help to complete his accounts up to the date he ceased trading because he cannot pay for it.
Can yo give any advise as to what can be done about the absence of accounts for the final period. I am able to give details other than the accounts

Thanks for your question

What records does this individual have
for Example
1) Bank statements
2) Invoices/receipts for work undertaken
3) Invoices/receipts for costs spent on the business

I can then offer some assistance here - and then from there see if we can find support for him to finalise his figures to complete the self assessment tax return



Customer: replied 3 years ago.


1. He does not have detailed bank statements for any of his 3 accounts

2. I doubt that he has any receipts or records. I may be able to obtain copies of accounts from his suppliers but because he is in debt to them he is unlikely to get their cooperation.

3. There is some doubt about what he may have done with his paper work but the debt that he faces is such that it relates to supplies received over the final period.

I may add although it is a personal opinion that he does not seem able to grasp the series situation.

His total income now is derived from state benefits of £68 per week.


Thanks for your response and I take on your board your personal opinion - which may mean that getting him to help himself might be a tad difficult (I have the odd client that present similar traits!) - but you need to advise that

His first port of call is to ask for copies of all relevant bank statements from the bank for the period 06/04/2013 to 05/04/2014) this may involve a small admin fee -but the bank statements (one would hope) will contain most of the income and expenditure position.

Then it is worth trying to contact the suppliers - as they clearly want their monies paid, and therefore they will oblige in supplying at least duplicate invoices outstanding - and one would hope these were paid (in the main) via the debit card.

I also feel the bank statements will contain other expenditure relevant to the business.

Its then a case of putting him in touch either with Citizens advise who will help him create a simple set of accounts and also may have ex HMRC staff working for them, that can help with the completion of the tax return, which I urge is submitted with a covering letter stating that the accounts and the figures have been estimated in the absence of complete records, so that at least HMRC can account for any inaccuracies.

Or if he is willing to supply these to you - and you are panning to perform some of this for him, then you can always come back to Just Answer and furthermore, ask for me (Samtax) and I would be happy to assist you in this venture to get together some semblance of accounts and the self assessment tax return completed.

Or there is an organisation called Tax Aid, although it only serves specific areas, and I have added a link here for you
They are a brilliant organisation that offer free help in taxation matters

Good luck


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