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Hi, I am a self employed strategy consultant.I moved to the

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Hi, I am a self employed strategy consultant.I moved to the UK last year and enrolled my self as self-employed in Janury 2014.I have completed a 3 month project with an angel investor earning my first salary.I have a UTR but struggling to file a tax return.I Have tried using HMRC online,but seems like I am getting something mixed up.Have tried numerous time to call and put my query through to HMRC but haven't been able to do so even after waiting for 30 minutes over the phone for more than one occasion.Need some help to understand how to do this?

Can you tell me exactly what you are having problems with please. As well as registering for self-assessment, have you registered to complete your tax return online using the HMRC software?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I registered myself on HMRC as self employed in January 2014 and invoiced my employer for a small 3 month contract.The sum was not huge but sufficient to be taxed.I then tried registering myself for SA as my friends told me that I would be required to a pay a tax of £400+ on my earnings..Unfortunately haven't been able to get past that step without any direction on what needs to be done.Received a response from HMRC that I might have to speak to someone there but have tried N number of times but no one picks up the phone.

1. I dont know whether i am supposed to pay tax this year or next.

2. what are the steps to follow to do the same.

3. Havent recieved any communication from HMRC to pay the tax,but as told by nears and dears - i have to pay or get penalized which i want to avoid.

please help

What was the date on your invoice? Have you actually completed the registration process for self-assessment online where you get a 12 digit login name on screen as you register, you set your own password ***** you register and you receive an activation code for self-assessment online from HMRC through the post? If not, let me know and I will take you though that process.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


My invoice was dated for February 2014.I have completed the registration for SA and login/pwd but unfortunately no activation code in the post.I changed addresses as well,but i haven't been able to update them too online.Checked with the current owners,but they haven't received any mail or its possible they could/would have trashed it.

Can I do this all over again - if yes how and what are the fool proof steps since its virtually impossible to speak to someone there and get help.If no, then is there any other way to do it.Don't want to get penalized for no fault of mine here.


How long ago did you register for online services?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Roughly about a month back.

Also do i have time to file the return in anycase?


Leave this with me while I draft my answer. You have until 31 January 2015 to file your 2014 tax return online.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks a million..

Will be awaiting a revert.

Many Thanks & Regards,

Hi again.

Email the web page address of this dialogue to yourself. Go to all the individual web pages I've given you links to and email those to yourself so you have access to them if this page is unavailable for any reason.

Assuming you were issued with a 2014 tax return after 5 April 2014 which you should have been given that you registered as self-employed, you will have your 10 digit UTR (Universal Tax Reference). Call HMRC on the number here and given them your new address as soon as possible.

Your activation code expires after 28 days so if you registered about a month ago I'd give it a week for your new address to filter through the HMRC computer system and then do the following:

1 Read the notes here.

2 Assuming that the 28 day activation period has passed and if I were you I would assume that as this process is easier, go here. Login with your user ID and password ***** select the service you wish to have cases to. You will then be issued with a new activation code.

3 When you get your activation code, it will give you instructions as to how to use it.

4 Once you have activated the self-assessment online service, take a look at the tax return demonstrator here. The complete registration process is demonstrated here if you need to refer back to it. There is more helpful information here.

As you came from abroad, your first tax year in the UK will be split between pre-arrival and post arrival in the UK. if you need to complete the residence, remittance pages SA109 here and the foreign income pages SA106 here you will not be able to complete your tax return online as the HMRC software does not cater for such cases. Refer to RDR1 here and, in particular, section 9 to determoine whether you are affected by these rules.

I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.

TonyTax and other Tax Specialists are ready to help you
Hi again.
It's been a few days since I answered your question. Is there anything you need further clarification on?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Just managed to get through to HMRC after trying in vain for a couple of days now.Have my address changed and a SA activation code on the way.Hopefully should be smooth sailing from here.Many thanks for all the help and guidance.Was really making a hash out of it.

Appreciate it.

Thanks & Regards,

Thanks for letting me know. As soon as you get the code, you will up and running in no time.