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Hi I am a Uk resident, working full time as a global training

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I am a Uk resident, working full time as a global training manager for a Uk company with a Uk contract.
Currently i work from home (london) mainly.
My husband has been offered a 2 year assignment to manila, I would like to go with him and take my job with me i.e. stay on UK payroll and work from home (Manila).
As my job is global I would not be conducting any business in Manila, I would not be interacting with any one from a business perspective in manila.
I would spend my work time on global phone calls and virtual video linked meetings/ global e-mails.
Can you advise if there are any tax implications for myself or my UK company to consider.
Regards Jane
Hello Jane, I'm Keith and happy to help you with your question.
Philippines non residents would appear to only be subject to Philippine income tax in respect of income derived within the country.
As for income received in the UK would be subject to UK taxation as normal. Your employer would go on paying you as before, presumably under PAYE, deducting taxes and NI as normal. You would, of course, have to negotiate for the reimbursement of telephone and internet charges with your employer.
I do hope I have helped you and covered everything. Don't hesitate to come back if you feel in need of more enlightenment.
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Thank you for your support.