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If i employ a self employed person do I need to see evidence

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If i employ a self employed person do I need to see evidence of self emplyment status such as relevant correspondence with HMRC. Do I also need a contract with the person ensuring that I'm not responsible if that self employed person does not pay their taxes and national insurance
Construction industry contractors must follow specific steps when paying subcontractors. If you are not in the Construction Industry then the remaining information is for you, please advise if construction is your industry.
If the worker is self-employed, he or she will be responsible for their own tax and NICs.
If a change results in a worker becoming employed, you should tell HMRC and begin to deduct tax and NICs from his or her earnings. If you fail to do so, you could be held liable for the deductions which should have been made, and you may also be liable for interest and a penalty.
Having a written contract protects you and the worker. The contract is an important factor in considering employment status and is particularly valuable to the worker because it determines their rights and obligations.
You do not need to see any evidence from the person.
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