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I currently claim tax credits for my two children. My boyfriend

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I currently claim tax credits for my two children. My boyfriend works away and has his own digs and has his own financial responsibilities. He visits at weekends can I still claim tax credits?
HMRC would look at the total picture of the arrangement before they disallowed you the credits.
If your boyfriend had no other address where he lived then HMRC is entitled to ask for evidence of the suspected partner’s other accommodation address and often an appeal tribunal will ask for this sort of information. However, they cannot demand that he provide such information nor can they say that if you do not provide evidence of an alternative address you will be seen as cohabitating.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your reply, all the web site I've looked at suggest that my partner can stay up to three nights a week he helps minimally with finances, his post does not come to my house. I pay all my own bills. Can you confirm he can stay over without putting me in a awkward position and do you know where I can find this information in written form as it does not seem to mention it in HMRC guidelines.

The information I gave you previously was from HMRC CCM15075 - Undisclosed Partners: Undisclosed Partner has No Other Address
This was to show that if your partner has their own home and residence then they are not residing with you.
All the information is here:
You will need to copy and paste that in your address bar because for some reason I cannot get the system to make it a link for you (sorry).
You will see the section CCM15040 - Undisclosed Partners: Couples who are Unmarried and Not Civil Partners (that should be a link for you on the HMRC page).
A man and woman who are not married to each other but who are living together as husband and wife are referred to by HMRC as LTAHAW.
It is a lot to read up on but just his staying over night does not give them the ruling for you losing any credits.
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