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In December 2013, I paid £2880 into a personal pension scheme

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In December 2013, I paid £2880 into a personal pension scheme (SIPP) how should this be shown on my Short tax return for the year ended 5 April 2014?
There are 2 boxes for pensions. Box 9.1 - payments to registered pension schemes where basic rate tax will be claimed by the pension provider and 9.2- gross payments.
bigduckontax :

You should enter this information in box 9.1.

bigduckontax :

you should enter this information in box 9.1

bigduckontax :

SIPPs operate exactly like private pension plans and the admistrator will make the necessary taxation adjustments

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What amount should be entered in box 9.1? I recall being told at one stage that figure to be entered is 2880 @ 80% which is 3600.

Also should box 9.2 be left empty?

Here is HMRC advice on this matter:
'You should enter the gross amount (the amount you paid plus
the tax relief) in box 9.1. These amounts may be on any pension certificate or receipt you get from the administrator, or you can work it out by dividing the amount you actually paid by 80 and multiplying the result by 100.'
Leave box 9.2 empty.
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