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Hi I think my accountant has disappeared with my books and

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I think my accountant has disappeared with my books and he also hasn't filed our partnership tax return for 2012-2013 we now have fines of over £2500, what advise could you give us. I have also spoken to HMRC and they have confirmed that the return for the partnership hasn't been filed, Thank you for time
This is an unfortunate possibility. You say you think, but you will need to really confirm this so you can take legal steps.
For your partnership filing though, you have taken a good step in speaking with HMRC. If your company or organisation's business records are lost, stolen, or destroyed and you can't replace them, you should tell HMRC as soon as possible but, you will need to do your best to recreate those records.
Once you've gathered replacement information you can use this information to deliver your partnership filing. You must tell HMRC whether any figures in your return are:
Estimated figures - best-guess figures that you want HMRC to accept as final figures in lieu of actual figures as you cannot supply actual figures.
Provisional figures - figures you are using until you can confirm the actual figures. You must tell HMRC when you intend to supply actual figures.
If your accountant has gone missing but the office is available to others then perhaps they can search for your records. If your accountant did not have associates your solicitor may be able to gain access to their office for a search of your records.
HMRC will work with you on your filing as I stated above and any penalty may be overlooked as long as you get the partnership filing completed even using estimates.
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