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Hello.. I am employed by a University and am earning a little

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Hello.. I am employed by a University and am earning a little extra income outside my University position. It turns out that I have not filed correctly the online tax return form and am fined something line 1200 pounds for that. I have paid last year 2000 pounds fine for the same reason. The online system is very complicated I do not know if I have any grounds to appeal. Could you please provide any advice?
Filing online can be confusing and many mistakes are made when filing. Unfortunately if your reason for appeal is not acceptable thne the fine would not be removed.
If you had the same problem with your last filing the HMRC agent may not accept that the system was the problem.
You are expected to first be sure that there is a genuine issue with HMRC Online Services, you may (and most likely would be denied)if you just have filled something in incorrectly or did not include income.
Generally, a 'reasonable excuse' is when some unforeseeable or unusual event beyond your control has prevented you from filing your return on time. For example:
a failure in the HMRC computer system
your computer breaks down just before or during the preparation of your online return
a serious illness, disability or serious mental health condition has made you incapable of filing your tax return
you registered for HMRC Online Services but didn't get your Activation Code in time
Unfortunately, the appeal would really only apply if you had filed late so I would not advise that you attempt to appeal using the reason that the system is complicated.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So could a tax adviser be the set person to do this for me?

To correct complete the filing and make certain that the true amount of tax is owed, yes. To get HMRC to remove the penalty doubtful, unless the tax on the income is reduced.
Your reason is not one that would be acceptable. Of course if you wish to have a professional go over your true situation that is advisable.
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