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I am an employee - last Christmas 2013 I went off to Spain

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I am an employee - last Christmas 2013 I went off to Spain where I have a small finca for the period break.
When I checked my monthly remuneration - ( an agreed contract) I was unpaid - the office was empty and I had to manage without ant Christmas cheer.
Back in the UK I contacted a director - the book keeper is also a Director, but I asked another, he was mad that I had not been paid especially over Christmas- or at least to be told there was a problem.
In three days I was paid - but no reason why.
I wrote to the book keeper director - e.amail and asked that in future if there wqas a problem - let me know so I can make arrangements.
This has happened again during the year about three times and last month it was 7th September - No e.mail stating that I was not being paid. Again back to this other Director
and he was not happy at this - I was paid in three days.
This is end of year tax and I do self assessment, but realised I also had no P.45 OR P60? any way I emailed this book keeper and asked about my P60 or P45 and was told it had been sent - I must have lost it. I was sure I had never recieved it - but asked for an e.mail of the original - she sent it - it had been sent to my old address of 3 years previous, even although within a week of moving I contacted her with amy new address and also tax and pensions.
I also e.mailed for my pay chits which I have not received.
Sh stated they were posted on the companies server and I should go on at Personel and print them off.
I did this and was surprised that even at Christmas 2013 and every month since including August Iwas paid - tax deducted and sent and my wages, But she does not send my wages after tax - she kept them last Dec 2013 uotil 7th Jan 2014 and since again on occasions - is this allowed. thanks, ***** *****

Hello Bill, I'm Keith and happy to help you with your question.

This is not a proper way to treat employees, but I am sure your can read between the lines as well as I can!

Under PAYE rules which have been in force since the early 1940s an employer is required to provide written evidence of payments made and any deductions of tax and National Insurance made on each and every occasion such payments take place. They are also required to provide an end of the year summary, the P60 and on termination of employment, a P45. The antics of your employer leave much to be desired. You could report them to your tax office, but, frankly, in the words of Rhett Butler in 'Gone with the Wind,' I don't think that HMRC will give a d..... either!

You are simply being given the run around by your employer, but regrettably there is little you can do about it other than kicking up a fuss whenever things go wrong. If you are a member of a Trade Union they might be able to put pressure on your employer, a long shot I know.

I am so sorry to have to be so negative in my response to your question. Jobs are hard to come by these days and your employer is probably well aware of that situation.

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Thank you for your support.
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