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I am a tax payer and I am self employed, my work takes me abroad,

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I am a tax payer and I am self employed, my work takes me abroad, my mother is now in need of care and lives alone, my child has behaviour problems, and now i have been forced to relocate to Jamaica with my son after asking his father to take him, while i take care of my mother. he refused and now I will have to pay for private schooling and lose out on benefits here, i still pay my taxes and i have business here, it there any support for someone like me who has worked all my life paying taxes and now is taking care of my family all by my self?
Thanks for your question, I am Sam and I am one of the UK tax experts here on Just Answer.
If you have left the UK to live in Jamaica and this is likely to last at least a full tax year, during which time visits back to the UK will not exceed 91 days each tax year, then you will be treated as not resident in the UK, which means no liability to UK tax.
All you need to do is submit form P85 to HMRC - link here for this form - and HMRC (based on the information you provide) will establish your tax residence. And whilst you will still be required to complete self assessment tax returns at the end of each tax year, your earnings (profits) from the business can to be paid tax free.
Link for form P85
If you are a limited company, then your business profits remain liable to UK tax, but again, the income your draw may prove to be due tax free - again this is dependent on you living out of the UK for at least a full tax year during which your visits back to the UK do not exceed 91 days per tax year.
This position may serve to assist you during this difficult time.
But I am afraid if this does not prove to be the case (as you will only be out of the UK for less than a full tax year) or your visits back to the UK will exceed 91 days, then I am sorry to say there is no additional support for your situation.
Do ask any follow up questions.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
What if I when for 3 months?
Hi Sharon
Thanks for your response
Then you would be treated as UK resident for the tax year, and remain liable to UK tax (as this is for less than a full tax year)