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Hi i started working as a cis construction contractor 6 weeks

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Hi i started working as a cis construction contractor 6 weeks ago iv registered with the tax office and they set it up for me .so i should be self employed contactor..this is my first time working this way ..i have to travel a lot and my fuel bills a high and spending on food and tools and ppe ..all things like that. Can i clame anything back.
Hello, I'm Keith and happy to help you with your question.
Here is the general advice on this matter from HMRC:
'When you can get tax relief for travel and subsistence costs
If you've got to make journeys for business purposes you can deduct your travelling expenses and any subsistence costs you've paid whilst on those journeys from your taxable income - so you'll pay less tax..
What are business journeys
You can only get tax relief on the cost of business journeys. These are when, as part of your job:
You have to travel from one workplace to another - this includes travelling between your main 'permanent workplace' and a 'temporary workplace'
You've got to travel to or from a certain workplace because your job requires you to
Business journeys don't include:
Ordinary commuting - when you travel between your home (or anywhere that is not a workplace) and a place which counts as a permanent workplace
Private journeys - which have nothing to do with your job
If you're not sure if a place you travel to counts as a permanent workplace telephone HM Revenue & Customs for advice.'
As far as the use of a vehicle is concerned you can either charge a mileage rate or put the actual expenses through your books. Most people use the former as it's much easier to operate. Small tools are invariable passed through the Profit and Loss Account as consumables.
From what you are saying in your question the whole shooting match can be set against any fees you receive. You are advised to keep all vouchers and other records of expenditure in the event of a possible future enquiry. A high level of book keeping is recommended, particularly in your business which is a Tom Tiddler's ground for tax evasion.
I do hope I have pointed the way forward for you and been of assistance.
bigduckontax and other Tax Specialists are ready to help you
Thank you for your support.