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I informed hm revenues and customs that my daughter would be

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I informed hm revenues and customs that my daughter would be starting work full time in August of last year, she started in the following September. They have a record of my call and informed me that payments would be stopped, as her name was removed from me being entitiled from any more WFTC payments. I received a form a few months ago to renew my Working Family Tax Credits. I rang to let them know that there was no need for this as my payments had been stopped. They didnt understand why my payments had continued, nor did i! Am i liable to pay the money back to them?
Hello and thank you for allowing me to assist you.
You normally would be except when HMRC makes the mistake and accept their error.

You can ask the Tax Credit Office to reconsider an overpayment decision if you think they made a mistake or gave you incorrect advice.

You can also do this if you’re no longer getting tax credits.

To do this, send dispute form TC846 by the deadline. Send your dispute form within 3 months of the date (the ‘decision date’ on Annual Review notices) on the first letter, statement or notice you received telling you that you’ve been overpaid.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

This is information which is not helpful enough as it doesnt answer the direct question i asked as this is the answer i needed to know. Taking into consideration all of the factors above am i or am i not liable for overpayments due to their mistake and not mine? Yes or No

Also where and how can i get the TC846 form. How long does this process take as im in and out of hospital and have been ill since August last year. I have done my upmost to sort it out via phone calls but can only do so when im well enough, like now for example.

Rarely can a straight Yes or No answer be given because tax law is too complicated.
Yes, you can request that the HMRC not make you pay back any amount if they made a mistake.

As you have been ill then even if they say you missed a deadline after HMRC asks you repay, your illness could be used as an exception.

To summarize, yes, if it is their fault you do not have to repay.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Many thanks, ***** ***** you will get a top rating........Smile

The payment i have made to you, i just want to know that this is not a subscription i presume as i have not opted for one. Would you confirm that for me please.x

I am not privy to your account or anything of that nature but I can see that you only made a deposit and it does not post as a subscription.
I can alert Customer Service for you though.
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