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TonyTax, Tax Consultant
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Hi. Am counted by hmrc as an employer of single employee (a

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Hi. Am counted by hmrc as an employer of single employee (a nanny). My father (retired chart acc) did my payroll for years but gave up at the end of this year (March 14). As 1) the nanny salary is unchanged 2) I keep paying hmrc the same I never got around to doing my own payroll... Now the nanny quite reasonably wants payslips for some childcare voucher she can get...
Can anyone help provide me with 1) a payroll service going forward 2) payslips April to now?

Before I answer your question about payslips, I can tell you that none of the experts here are allowed to procure clients from this site so nobody will be able to operate your payroll for you or provide you with payslips. Do you still want me to make a suggestion as to what you can doi

The reason I ask is that I don't want my answer to be rated as poor when it is not possible for me to do the work for you because of the just answer rules over which I have no control, ie run a payroll and provide payslips.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I fully understand. Your advice will still be very valuable. I have the software and may be able to do it or can source a provider tomorrow. Just need to know what my options are.

Which software do you have?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Stalled last night because it wouldn't let me proceed without entering my ' government gateway' ID and password for online RTI - is that normal (felt nervous putting that sort of info into a free software package!)
Also didn't seem clear that would be able to ultimately print out backdated payslips as also wanted 'opening balances' up to now (apr --> oct totals )..

Leave this with me while I draft my answer.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ok. Thanks.

Hi again.

I've never used Kashflow. If you google "paye software", you will see find some very inexpensive payroll software. I'm not allowed to recommend a particular software unfortunately but the one I have used and still do occasionally is very easy to use though you will need to enter your payroll agent ID and password ***** you have to submit the monthly figures to the tax office via the internet using the Real Time Information system. Commercial payroll softwares will do all that for you and some provide blank payslips for your printer. The one I have used recommends a company from which you can buy payslips and will also print a black pre-designed payslip onto plain paper, though some employees I've dealt with don't think its a real payslip.

You can read about RTI here. Really, you should have been doing this since April but as it is your first year, HMRC should be lenient. HMRC does have a basic payroll software but it doesn't produce payslips unfortunately.

An alternative to doing the payroll yourself is to have it done by a payroll bureau or an accountant or tax adviser. Many accountants will run payrolls for clients fairly inexpensively depending on the number of employees. Make a few calls to local accountants to get an idea of the cost.

I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks Tony. Very helpful. One last question - the printing of previous months payslips is at least technically possible?
It is with the payroll softwares I've used.
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