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Hi - I work in UK. Gross Salary £34750. I've just returned

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Hi - I work in UK. Gross Salary £34750. I've just returned from a 6 month sabbatical meaning that the only month I've worked this financial year (2014/15) was October. I just received my payslip this weekend and found that I've only paid £20 in income tax. in short, there seems to be a £300 or so error in my favour as I was expecting the usual £2215 net per month. I'm not sure if my not working Apr-Sep inclusive has skewed things.
thanks for any advice
Thanks for your question, I am Sam and I am one of the UK tax experts here on Just Answer.
As you have not worked for the months April to Sept - you have 6 months worth of unused tax free allowances to utilise plus the allocated allowances due for Oct (so 7 months in total) so I would expect you to have paid NIL tax for October (if your tax code was 1000L) and also will be NIL for Nov - and tax starting to be deducted from end of December.
If your tax code was anything other than 1000L (as you may have company car or other company benefits, then let me know and I can rework the position for you)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you v much Sam. Just to add some detail you may need:

I received no income/earnings from any other source Apr-Sep inc

  • Tax Code is 975L

  • Basic Pay on slip 2895.85

  • NI 267.94

  • Pension Contrib 92.67

Therefore can you confirm that my net pay I just received of £2515 is correct and that I should expect the name net pay for end of Nov but things would return to normal by end of Dec?

Thank you

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Hi Patrick
Thanks for your response and the pay tax and tax code details.
Had you worked all year then you would also have had tax deducted of £397.99 but as you had NIL pay for 6 months - and could have earned £812,50 a month tax free - this equates to you being permitted at Month 7 to have earned £5687.50 to date, tax free.
As your pay for Oct was £2895.85 - this should have seen NO tax deducted and just National Insurance deducted - so a net take home pay of £2535.25 (so the £20 tax deducted that you advise is WRONG)
For month 8 (end of Nov 2014) you could have earned £6500 and will have earned £2895 x 2 = £5790 so NIL tax doe November too
Then for Dec 2014 - tax free pay of £7312.50 and you would have earned £8685 so will pay tax of approx. £219.40 on £1097
Then for Jan 2015 - your tax deductions will resume normality.
Let me know if you have any follow up questions, but it would be appreciated if you could rate/accept the answer, as this ensures that Just Answer credit me for my time
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you so much indeed.

Hi Patrick
You are very welcome
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