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I'm intending to send an inquiry to you right now.

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I'm intending to send an inquiry to you right now.
Thanks for your post and asking me for
Can you advise what the nature of your enquiry is
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I send you a separate inquiry on line and already paid for it, full tex of my inquiry has been provided to you, therefore I'm a bit confused with your question?
The post above is the only one that has been received - and as you can see, all it says is
"I'm intending to send an inquiry to you right now.
Detail Required: LOW; Urgency: LOW "
There is no other post.
So can you please advise what you wished assistance with
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Sam, ok I don't know what has happened with my inquiry but here it's:
I'm working away from my home and have to rent an accommodation (second home) because of my job. At the main home I'm paying a full council tax, am I eligible for a council tax discount at my rented accommodation (e.g., single occupant)? For your information I just move to a new place in Somersham, the Huntingdonshire District Council, but the local council says no on legal grounds and promise to send a letter with a full explanation. On my previous accommodation in Ely I've been given a 25% discout. Your help here will be appreciated. Jaroslaw

Hi Jaroslaw

Thanks for your response ands for taking out the time to post the question again - I'm not sure what has happened, but that actual question has not arrived on the question list nor is showing on your profile of questions,

Anyway - lets deal with your question. Second homes are eligible for a consideration of discount, usually up to a maximum of 50%. but these discounts are at the discretion of the local council.

The laws allowing these were tightened up with effect from 01/04/2013 but when in job related accommodation (which this would not fall within the scope of- as its when property is tied to the job, such as a gamekeeper and a cottage on an estate, or a vicar and the parish house.

The only other time a discount is considered is when one of the properties is vacant - although this discount in the main has been discontinued.

You also ask after single persons discount - do you not get this on your main home ? Or do you have family living there? But single persons discount does not apply to second homes only the main home.

Thanks Sam

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I have family leaving at the main home thus no discount is applicable there. Your answer is not clear to me. I understand that a discount is at discretion of the council, but am I qualifing for a discount in my case or not? I have to rent second home as its too far for me to commute there on a daily basis and I'm a single occupant. So the question is do I have any legal grounds for discussion with the council or not, is there a simple yes or no answer to this?
Thanks for your response
As you had not provided me with a full set of circumstances, I was providing all scenarios when a discount might be due.
But, based on the additional information you have provided, I am sorry to say the answer is no, you will not qualify for any discount on this second home.
This is because
Only main homes would ever be considered for the single persons discount - of which this is not, and clearly the council in which the property is situated (Huntingdonshire District Council) are not awarding discounts for second homes unless they fall into the set criteria, which this does not.
Those set criteria are (from their website)
Class B or A (with planning restrictions) - Furnished properties that are no ones main residence e.g “Second Home" -
0% discount
*The only exception to this is where someone is living in a second home that is ‘tied accommodation’. This means that, if the Council Tax payer is living in a property provided by their employer specifically for his or her job, they will still be able to get the 50% discount.
Yours is not tied accommodation
If their employer provides the second home, for the better/proper performance of the employees duties, or if there is a special security arrangement in place, please contact the Council Tax section so that we can send you the required application form.
Class C (unoccupied and substantially unfurnished): 100% discount for 1 month and 0% thereafter. This discount can only be awarded for the 1st month the property becomes empty irrespective of changes in ownership.
Both properties are used - your family live in one, and you work from the other -
**Please note an “Empty Home Premium” of an extra 50% becomes payable once the property has been empty for 2 years. **
Class D (Empty and uninhabitable due to structural alteration or major repairs): 100% discount**. This discount can only be awarded for a maximum of 12 months from the date the property becomes uninhabitable irrespective of changes in ownership.
This also does not apply
**From 1st April 2014 the Class D discount has been reduced to 0% following a change in Council policy** - See more at:
So the answer is no - you are NOT eligible for any discounts, I am sorry to say. Whish leaves you with no position to argue this decision
Let me know if you have any follow up questions
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi Sam, many thanks this is clear now. Best Regards Jaroslaw
Hi Jaroslaw
You re very welcome, I'm just sorry the advise is not more favourable to your situation. When you do get the letter from the council do come back and advise further, if their reasons do not fall into the reasons already listed.
If I could trouble you to rate/accept the answers I have provided, it would be very much appreciated, as this ensures that Just Answer credit me for my time.
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