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fill out a r38 form and now I have a tax bill of £957 dating

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fill out a r38 form and now I have a tax bill of £957 dating back to 2011 2012 2013 2014. I can believe it there saying I owe tax for four years

Hello, I'm Keith and happy to help you with your question. The r38 is the tax claim form. On what grounds do HMRC say that you owe tax having completed one?

In any event as the amount owing is below 3K it can be recovered by amending your 15/16 tax code. As a starter for ten I would suggest putting that procedure to your tax office.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Each year I own tax since 2011 because putting in a r38 form means my tax code changed and meaning I now owe tax for each year since 2011.

The R38 form is used to reclaim overpaid tax. Somebody must have got their wires crossed even suggesting its use. At the end of every tax year it is normal practice for your tax office, once they have your tax return if you have been asked to complete one, will issue a SA302 which will tell you your tax position for the last year. if they has been an over deduction of tax you will receive a refund, if under a bill, but often the 302 will tell you that HMRC will recover the unpaid tax through the next years code number. As I mentioned in my earlier response this procedure is available up to 3K of tax owning.
Check HMRC's computations. If they are correct then you must ultimately pay the tax. If the calculations are incorrect, a not unusual situation in my experience, then you must appeal your tax office's assessment which you simply do by writing them a letter pointing out the discrepancies and asking for them to be corrected.
Why it has taken your tax office so long to spark is beyond me, but there you are. That is what you must now do. As I told you earlier I would approach the matter by asking them to apply arrears to your 15/16 tax code number.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you. it says I have received expenses that were not due to me since claiming the flat rate of 118 for uniform and shoes. I have claim 915.00 in expenses i no nothing about. as i am employed not self employed.. i will write to them again asking what expenses do they mean and to take me of the r38 tax rebate as its made me worst of.

Yes, I fear you will find that your tax office has been making assumptions. In my experience these assumptions are invariably incorrect and always in the Revenue's favour!
You should ask them from whence they derive the 915 quid just for starters.
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