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Urgent Help with EU VAT Refund. The business in based

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Urgent Help with EU VAT Refund.
The business in based in UK, VAT registered - Transport services.
From time to time I have to travel to France to complete the delivery.
My customer is VAT registered and is based in UK as well.
How to claim the VAT pain on diesel in France?
Can I just add the VAT paid on France on box 4 and the net amount on box 9 in the VAT return or should I register VAT refund and apply amount there?
Thank you.
, I'm Keith and happy to help you with your question.
Box 4 treatment correct.
Box 9 treatment correct.
On receipt of an entry in Box 9 HMRC may start sending out EU Sales Lists.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What about box 2?

The VAT is not due, the VAT was already paid.

This is the situation :

Money received:

Sales net: £81,040.00

VAT : £16, 208.00

Total: £97,248.00

Money paid:

PARTS 2637.82527.563165.33
Trailer hire27555513306
Diesel card21835.274367.0126203.28
Diesel cash1338.26267.651605.91

DIESEL (paid when transit FRANCE):

net amount ( excluding VAT): £5572.10

VAT: £1114.42

Total including VAT: £6686.52

Insurance: £4820.89

Please help me to complete the VAT Return.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I was thinking to do this way:

Box 1: £16208

Box 2: 0

Box 3: £16208

Box 4: 12211.90 ( VAT paid in UK 11097.48 + VAT paid on diesel to France 1114.42 )

Box 5: 3996.10

Box 6: 81040

Box 7: 65888.65 ( net paid in UK 55488 + insurance 4820.89 + net from diesel paid in France 5572.10)

Box 8: 0

Box 9: 5572.10 ( diesel net paid to France).

But HMRC said I should not include the amount of diesel paid in France here. I should claim that amount separately.

Please advice me how to do.


Box 2 is to EU Sates where VAT was included on the invoice.
Correct 16208 goes in Box 1.
You have Box 2 correct.
Box 3 is calculated by the system.
You have Box 4 correct.
Box 5 is calculated by the system.
Boxes 6 - 9 correct
I do not know what operative in HMRC told you that EU VAT cannot be claimed in box 4 when the form specifically states that it can! That person appears to have very poor grasp of VAT returns.
Once I have this I can advance further .
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

what about the box 7?

With respect, I have already told you that your intended figure is correct.
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