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Why is there an amount of £509.10 on my tax summary as income

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Why is there an amount of £509.10 on my tax summary as income from employment when I have not worked since my retirement in 2008?
We are not HMRC but an advise service that has experts (accountants and ex HMRC employees in the main) on UK tax. I can advise what it is, and why it has arisen but wish to check you would like to proceed first.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
What information do you require?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Why have you not answered my question?
I do not require any information - but I replied with an information request - as I was not, at this stage providing an answer.(and you should not click accept or rate the question until you have the answer)
But as you do wish to proceed -
HMRCs system has issued these tax summaries, to be more transparent with how tax and National Insurance is spent. So this is not a tax demand or a notification actually detailing what tax you might have paid in this or last tax year, but an indication, based on all incomes you have ever had, so most retired individuals have an entry for employment which is not correct.
You can either ignore the fact that it details employment when you have none OR contact HMRC via email - merely for the purpose of making a complaint (as you actual tax records would not show you had been employed at all for the this tax year)
See link here detailing more information on this
And a link here to get in touch with HMRC regarding your tax summary (of if you do not want to get one again - as they will be issued annually)
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