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Sam, Accountant
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Hi, I have started my company in November 2012 and in begining

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I have started my company in November 2012 and in begining of 2014 i registered for VAT but i didn't receveid my certificate and the vat number until September 2014. in all this time i was providing services and not raising VAT on my invoices. i have registered on the flat rate scheme and i have to pay back 10% of the total income back to gov. I have to do the VAt return now and my accountat is saying that i have to pay the 9% from the total income no matter if i raised the VAT from the old invoices. IS that TRue? Another thing is that in the moment i have received my vat certificate i announced my customers that they need to pay vat for the old invoices and i have been refused on the reason that i had to let them know prior to august 2014. Now i have to pay VAT to gov that i didn't raise. How can i get the VAt from the customer that doesn't want to pay it?...we are talking about 28 old invoices. thank you
Thanks for your question, I am Sam and I am one of the UK tax experts here on Just Answer.
From the time you registered you should made provision for the VAT due to each and every customer and HMRC advise that you have to raise your prices by 20% for that interim period (as you cannot actually collect or charge VAT until such time you have your registration number) and I am surprised that your accountant did not advise you of this.
But at this stage its down to the goodwill of your customers to make good the VAT and I am afraid if they refuse (which they have a right to do) then you will have to make up the shortfall yourself.
So yes, the advise you have been given is correct.
I am sorry the news is not more favourable, but I would be looking towards your accountant for not prompting you to avoid this.
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