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I am self-employed as a designer of furniture, lighting and

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I am self-employed as a designer of furniture, lighting and products. I design for other companies speculatively and then they choose wheter or not to manufacture and sell my designs and I get a royalty based on subsequent sales.
I plan to go to Tenerife this January but intend to continue working whilst out there. The reason being that I am looking for ideas for new designs and also to get away from distractions at home (I usually work from home). There are 2/3 different projects which I will be working on for clients, but there is not one specific objective/meeting I will be going for. I.e. it is a lot about inspiration and thinking-space.
My question is: which, if any, of my costs relating to travel, staying and working there there can I charge as business expenses? What would be proper calculations to do for these to show to HMRC?
Many thanks,
Hello Magnus, I'm Keith and happy to help you with your question.
These days there is no requirement to render your accounts to HMRC save in the event of some investigation into your tax affairs. This has been the case for many years now.
The answer to your question is, I regret to have to tell you, as long as the proverbial piece of string. I would suggest that, as you are going there for inspiration and new ideas any reasonable and appropriate expenditure might be charged. Travel and accommodation are clearly acceptable, but I would suggest that the expenditure on day to day living might be over egging the pudding. You could always try claiming, but be prepared to be knocked back at some stage.
I do hope that I have given you some helpful guidance in this matter. Tenerife is a great place, I've been there more than once although I prefer Grande Canaria. Remember Robert Graves lived in Majorca at Deja where the ironstone deposits which surround the village assisted his creative thought.
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