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, can you tell me if I should put membership fees to organisations

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, can you tell me if I should put membership fees to organisations that have charitable status (eg London Zoo, British Dental Association) down under the charitable giving section of my self assessment return?
(NB I don't currently claim membership to British Dental Association/General Dental Council under professional fees as I am on a career break from dentistry while my children are small, but I still pay the fees to maintain my licence - just wondered if I could put them under charitable giving instead?)
Any advice gratefully received. Many thanks.
and thank you me to assist you.
Yes you could but you would need to confirm that you don’t have income from which you can deduct professional membership subscriptions.
Working members can claim tax relief on their subscription, but subscriptions can’t be treated as Gift Aid payments.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you. I can confirm I'm not receiving any income from dentistry, only from letting a property - but I do wish to maintain my licence in the meantime.

I understand I can't claim tax relief on my professional subscriptions as I'm not practising/earning from dentistry; however, can I just clarify: I could claim gift aid on my British Dental Association membership (which is a registered charity) but NOT on my General Dental Council membership (which is not a registered charity)? If you could just confirm I've understood that right I'd be grateful.

That is correct, it still must be to a registered charity. The general dental council is not so therefore you do not claim that portion.
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