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I would like to form a uk company amazon business,I

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I would like to form a uk company amazon business,I am based in ireland and would be primarily selling into the uk with goods also stored in the uk.
Can you tell me from both a tax and admin perspective which structure would be best and how would i pay myself from the UK company,i already own an irish limited company but would prefer to incorporate this one in the uk reasons providing the are no large disadvantages to doing so.

and welcome to the site. Thank you question.

There are no major disadvantages of forming a company in the UK if your primary activity and customer base is going to be in this country.

You should have a UK based business address in order to conduct business from the UK although the director/shareholder could be residing in another country.

Paying yourself from the UK could be in one of two forms
- salary and dividends
- salary or dividends.

The advantage of dividends is that you don't pay NI on income from dividends.

You would have to consider tax implications from Irish tax point of view beforearriving at final decision of how to take taxed profits.

I hope this is helpful and answers your question.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Is there any limit on the dividends i can take out.That would be my prefered method.

The also from an irish tax point of view is this simply added in as income to my existing irish tax return?

John, thank you reply.

Dividends are distribution of taxed profits.
So in theory, you could take 100% of profit after tax as dividends. CT rate here is 20%

So so every £100 of profit before tax you could take £80 as dividends.

Dividends paid to you would be added to your other income you receive in Ireland when you file your tax return there.

I hope this is helpful and answers your question.

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I thank you my answer.

Good luck.