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I am a non taxpayer ( housewife ) who has brought a property

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I am a non taxpayer ( housewife ) who has brought a property from my inhertance which I receive a rental income from. The property is in joint names with my husband , but the revenue goes into my account witch all the household bills are paid.
I have no other income as I don't work .
My question is , is my husband liable to pay tax on this rent as his name is ***** ***** title deeds of the property.?

If the property is in the joint names of a married couple, purposes the income should be split on a 50:50 basis unless it is owned in proportions other than 50:50 and HMRC are informed on a form 17.

You may both need to register -assessment which you can do here.

I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I have another question Tony, how is the income from the property traced if it doesn't go to my husbands account?
Surely only if we declare it?
HMRC have access to The Land Registry database. They look property and then try find out from their own databases if anybody is disclosing the rental income in a tax return.

If your husband's name is ***** ***** property deeds, then one day he might receive a letter from HMRC. As far as your tax return is concerned, there is a box to mark with an "X" to signify if a property is let jointly. By not marking that box, you will be submitting an inaccurate tax return. It night not ever come to light of course and if you can sleep at night with that floating around in your head then good luck.
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