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I am currently living in China and left the UK on 28th December

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I am currently living in China and left the UK on 28th December 2013. At this time I completed a P85 form it to HMRC.
My only income in the UK is from a property that I rent and year 2013/14, my gross rental income received was £3,150. Do I need to complete a return amount? To my knowledge I haven't received any correspondence from HMRC requesting that I complete a return. I am aware that 2014/15 tax year the rental income will be £12,600 so I am expecting to file a return then but I just wanted to double check with you.

Thanks question, I am Sam and I am one of the UK tax experts here on just Answer.
Yes you do need to complete a tax return /2014 UK rents - and also declare any other income you earned/received in the UK /2014 (from 06/04/2013 to 27/12/2013) and I assume you are having tax deducted from the rental income )either form any acting managing agent OR the tenants) OR have applied Non Resident Landlord scheme so you can have your rents paid without deduction of tax.
Also you will need to complete the residency page, so that you continue to be reviewed to ensures you still can be treated as not resident tax purposes (which affects income earned from overseas) and that you claim personal allowance - which years can be used to offset against the rental income (as /2014 I assume there was employment income as well as this later part of the year of just UK rental income)
Let me know if you wish me to expand on any element of the information provided.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear *****,

Thanks so much clear response - very helpful!

Yes I have applied to receive the rental income without deduction of tax from Non Resident Landlord Scheme and I was a stay at home Mum earlier in the 2013/14 tax year so don't need to declare that income.

Do you provide a service where you can complete an annual return on my behalf?

Thanks response
That's great that you have registered Non Resident Landlord scheme - so you just have the rental income from the date of departing the UK to 05/04/2014 (as the first tax return)
I am afraid that although I am a practising accountant now, with my own business (having previously worked year with HMRC) as part of out agreement, with the work we do Answer, we are not permitted to take on clients directly from this affiliation.
However we can always assist helping you via the Q & A thread or via the offer of additional services (via the telephone) talk you through the completion of the appropriate parts of the tax return. if that would be of any use to you.
And if you would prefer me to assist you via a new Q & A question (as this would be a new topic over and above the original question) then you can ask " Sam Tax" if you would prefer and if another expert picks up the new post, you can advise you would prefer to wait .
But if in the meantime you could rate the level of service provided so far by me, it would be appreciated.
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