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there, I purchased some choir robes from the US, on arrival

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Hi there, I purchased some choir robes from the US, on arrival into the UK I'm charged duty which is approx £400. How can i claim this cost? against tax or against VAT? and does the duty cost include VAT, Fedex only sent me a receipt for the payment so its unclear how this monies is accounted for, would their be VAT included in the £400 and if so can i account for that in my VAT submission?
Hello, I'm Keith and happy to help you with your question.
On import to the UK HMRC may charge import duty and VAT. The import duty you can do nothing about, it merely becomes a cost of sale. The VAT may be reclaimed. Get on to FedEx and request a break down of the payment you made to them. It is their legal duty to provide you with details of the exact deductions. You can use this breakdown to support your claim for input tax. Were you able to determine the percentage relevant to the import you might be able to do this yourself, but as there are literally hundreds of import duty rates this is a rather tricky business. It is always possible that only import duty was charged not VAT or vice versa. I handled a case the other day where HMRC did not charge any duty or tax at all, just waved the customer though the red channel at the deplaning airport.
I do hope I have helped show you a way forward with your problem.
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