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there, I just wanted to double check my understanding

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Hi there,
I just wanted to double check my understanding of what can be UK tax deducted for sole traders. I understand that the following can be tax deducted if they are fully needed as part of the job:
Website fees
Society memberships
Room rental (outside home)
I understand that mobile phone and internet may also be deducted but this becomes more difficult if it is also used for "personal use". How does this work? Do I need a dedicated phone line that is only used for work and a dedicated internet connection only used for work?
Hello and thank you for allowing me to assist you.
You can only claim allowable expenses for the business costs.
HMRC offers a perfect example for this:
Your mobile phone bills for the year total £200. Of this, you spend £130 on personal calls and £70 on business.
You can claim for £70 of business expenses.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Great, thanks. Can I confirm that the following are "allowable":

Website fees
Society memberships
Room rental (outside home)


Yes your expenses are allowed.
Exenses can include :
office costs, eg stationery or phone bills
travel costs, eg fuel, parking, train or bus fares
clothing expenses, eg uniforms
staff costs, eg salaries or subcontractor costs
things you buy to sell on, eg stock or raw materials
financial costs, eg insurance or bank charges
costs of your business premises, eg heating, lighting, business rates
advertising or marketing, eg website costs
Office rental.
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