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l am not and have not worked few years at all, l now

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l am not and have not worked for a few years at all, l now need to contribute to my N.I but was behind with my contributions also l know l owe some back income tax, could you advise how l go about doing this without being bombarded with demands as yet l have not found any work, l really need to get myself sorted out,
Hello, I'm Keith and happy to help you with your question.
If you have been signed on, to use an old expression, you need not concern yourself with NI contributions as you will be credited for periods of unemployment. However, if you have not then you should contact your local Department for Work and Pensions office to arrange to pay up missing contributions. The rules regarding the number of years needed to obtain a full State Pension have been changed relatively recently and, or course, you are automatically credited for the period over 60 until statutory retirement age. That office can fill you in on the exact and latest details.
I had to do this way back in 1964 when i paid up for the time between my 18th birthday and starting work later in the school leaving yes=ar,. Now, of course, I would have been credited for time in full time education.
I do hope I have helped point you in the right direction to achieve your aims.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

as l asked about my income tax situation also i would appreciate some advise on that problem as well please

I apologise. You should have received an annual summary from HMRC on your tax position at the end of every tax year. Depending upon whether you were self employed of employed when you were working you may have needed to male a self assessment tax return at the end of each tax your. If you were self employed, definitely so, if employed probably not, the majority of tax payers on PAYE are not required to self assess. You may, depending on your circumstances, have to make self assessment returns for missing years which can attract penalties.
If you are seeking employment and anticipate success in finding a job then you can ask for unpaid tax up to 3K to be recovered through your 15/16 tax code which spreads the load a little.
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