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I was informed that my tax return /13 could be submitted

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I was informed that my tax return for 12/13 could be submitted no later than 31/01/2015 as it was my first year of trading as self employed. I submitted the claim in September 2014 and was due a refund of £184. I have now received a statement from them telling me that i owe £900 and £300 for late submission. Can this be right?

The deadline for submission of the 2013 tax return was 31 January 2014. The deadline for an amendment to a previously submitted 2013 tax return was 31 January 2015. You will have been penalised £100 for missing the 31 January 2014 deadline, £10 a day for 90 days to 31 July 2014 (£900), another £300 minimum for missing 31 July 2014 and another £300 for missing 31 January 2015, a total of £1,600. Take a look here for confirmation.

The page I gave you a link to above provides a link to an appeal form and a link to what might be considered a reasonable excuse but unless you have a recording of a conversation with a tax official in which they have you inaccurate information or a letter from HMRC setting out inaccurate information, you have little hope of success I'm afraid.

What I would say is that HMRC are considering not charging these penalties in future so, in light of that, you might be lucky. You could go all the way to a tribunal where you might be successful if you can show that there was no tax paid late as a result of your late filing of the 2013 tax return but it is a long shot.

I'm sorry I cannot give you any good news. Let me know if you have any further questions.
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