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Please Help? Have been trying to submit on-line tax assessment....

HMRC advised access code would... Show More
HMRC advised access code would follow in post.... Then sent an email stating there was a problem and my information was being sent to a different department for action. This email was a 'do not reply' auto generated.... After many fruitless on holds finally got a human being and was told to contact HMRC on 0***-***-**** which is unobtainable..... Same number on website. Already have a penalty notice, and have sent it back as an appeal. Any suggestions?
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Can you tell me what tax year you wish to submit a tax return for please. I assume by "access code", you mean an "activation code". Does the email tell you which "department" your information was being sent to? Can you tell me which number is ***** as the question appears to have blanked it out.
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for response... I am tearing my hair out... The email gives me no useful information. You cant even reply to the header. Yes I meant the activation code, without which you cant use the gateway. The telephone number given by their website and the online representative tonight was 0***-***-****..

The tax year in question is for 2013-2014... Previously handled by an umbrella company as I was working self employed for an Agency at that time. They dropped me in April 2014 when I ceased self employed status. They have changed their telephone number, and appear to ahave moved as well.


Leave this with me while I draft an answer. It will take a while.
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

Happy to do that... Meanwhile I have already sent back an appeal to HMRC stating all the above... Including their unique codes... Their responses were:

The application with reference number 4JC7 PIGP 6XRW 8GB submitted by you or your agent to register for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) taxes has been received and will now be verified. HMRC will contact you if further information is needed.

This was followed by:

HMRC - Regarding your recent online communication

donotreply to youshow details

Fromdonotreply *****@******.*** details
Togooddma *****@******.***

Thank you for your form to register for Self Assessment.

We are unable to
process your form at this time. It has been referred to another HMRC department
to be worked. You will be contacted in due course.

The latter received 25th January...

Maybe my best option is just to find a local tax advisor in the Biggleswade area of Bedfordshire, and try to put this whole sorry saga behind me?

Thank you for your time, greatly appreciated.

Hi again.

I have to confess I cannot understand what is happening here. You should receive an activation code which you have to use only once and when you have input that, you have access to the self-assessment online tax return completion software. Even if the umbrella company completed your returns for you in the past, that should not stop you registering yourself.

The number you were advised to call has been blanked out by just answer again. I don't know why that is because it isn't a private number. I shall take that up with them.

What I suggest you do first is read the notes here. Before you do anything else, call HMRC online services helpdesk on the number here and tell them what you have told me and give them the details you just gave me in your last post, ie the reference number starting 4JC7 and the details of the email you received. They should be able to tell you what the problem appears to be and to rectify it. If they can rectify it, it may take several days but you can ask them to call you to tell you when the problem whatever it is has been fixed. Ask them if you can get a new activation code online as it says you may be able to in the first link I gave you.

As you say, it might be worth the expense of taking all your tax return figures to a local accounting firm (ask friends for a recommendation) and have the return completed and submitted by them. It's a fairly quiet period right now and it could all be over by tomorrow lunchtime and you can relax at the weekend.

Whatever you decide, make a complaint to HMRC. You can read about how to go about that here.

I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for the information. The number that was blanked is the number on their website, and your link.. that is.... zero three zero zero - two zero zero - three six zero zero .... the same number given after being on hold for 50 minutes on the phone tonight, by their call centre.

I will just bite the bullet, pay the fine tonight, draft a complaint to HMRC (thankyou for the links) and find an accountant. Whatever has gone wrong, I just want this over and done with.

Thankyou again, whoever you may be!

With regards,


Thanks and good luck.