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I'm non-resident in the UK (I live in Bolivia) and have

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Hi I'm non-resident in the UK (I live in Bolivia) and have just had a letter from HMRC to say I should have done a tax return. I didn't think I had to as I have an NT tax code and no other income.
I went onto the hmrc website to do it online as in previous years but it says I can't if non resident and must use commercial software. I've tried googling and checked out a couple of sites but am really not understanding the lingo and exactly which forms I should fill in. Any advice???
Hello, I'm Keith and happy to help you with your question.
HMRC have requested that you self assess so you must do so using a form SA100. Fill it in and send it to the HMRC office whose address you will find on your notice of tax coding. You can do this in line, but this may not be possible if the return is for over a year ago. The NT tax code indicates that your employer should not be deducting income tax from your emoluments, just the National Insurance element. However, there may be some doubt as to whether tax is actually due and the SA100 will, when processed by HMRC, reveal the true picture. You are liable for UK taxation if you spend more that 183 days in the UK in one tax year.
You can find an SA100 here:
but that is for 14/15 and from the tenor of your question HMRC are probably after a 13/14 return.
I do hope I have been able to clear the air for you and shed some light on your situation.
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Thank you for your support.