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I am quering my tax code year my tax reference no

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I am quering my tax code for this year my tax reference no is 846/LLX4P and national insurance no is ZT765877C. I have been taxed on 47L as my new code but in meantime have received the code of103L and after speaking to ***** ***** pensions office they tell me they think that 103L is the one that's correct but you have issued them with the first one please can you help have been trying to get office on phone all week but you are always engaged thankyou
Hello, I am Keith, one of the experts on Just Answer, and happy to help you with your question.
Unfortunately you have contacted Just Answer which is nothing to do with HMRC, but is an independent tax advice site.
Your best route is to write to the tax office which issued you with the code. From what you say you would appear to be in receipt of income not taxed at source, I suspect a State Pension; this is the most common one. In that case HMRC will take your Personal Allowance of GBP 10600 and then deduct the amount of un-taxed income thus giving you a reduced code number which will recover the tax due and leave you tax neutral at the year end.
What you must do before you write to HMRC is to check their calculations on the coding. These are. regrettably, often incorrect. My code number has been incorrect these last 20 years, HMRC only got it right for the current year despite being aware of the position. One year it took five letters to unscramble the mess made by an HMRC official who, it transpired, had assumed that I was in receipt of a basic State Pension totally oblivious of CPC, SERPS, State Secondary Pension Scheme etc despite having all the data on file. In my experience HMRC are very keen to make assumptions, invariable incorrect and always in the Revenue's favour.
Written communication with HMRC is the only way forward. With verbal contact there is always a danger of someone getting hold of the wrong end of the stick if they can even find the stick at all. Letters provide a racord of what has been discussed.
I do hope that I have been of some assistance to you.
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