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I am employed full time, but I also write and submit short

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I am employed full time, but I also write and submit short stoeis, and I am working on a novel,in my own time. I have been doingthis for about 10 years, and fill in a Self E,ployed tax form eeach year. At first, i illedin a full form, but then the Inspector hanfling it, ( my wife was a tax officer where my tax records were kept, hence, my form was dealth with by an Inspector ) told my wife I only neededto fill in a 3 part form. Income, Expecditure, Profit/Loss. If profit = pay tax If loss = set losses against tax paid on earned income and get a refund. For several years, making losses, I have filled in a simple 3 part form, and received a refund. However, my tax records were sent to the North, I work in Portsmouth for BAE, and since then I have had hassle and had to request refund each year. Last year, an Inspector dealt with the forms and told me I should fill in a full form to get a refund as the 3 part is only for carrying forward losses. I have checked with Writers and Artists publication, and online, and they agree that I should be able to get a refund against earned income tax paid. This year I have been sent a 3 part form again. I am thinking that the Inspector is under the impression I am a Hobby Writer - not a serious writer. I have had short stories published and had many more rejected! I have submitted several novels to agents, and to competitions where an agent or publication has been the prize, and not been successful. So, can you advise me if the original Inspector was correct and this one in error, and if so, how to convince him that I am correct. Thank you Geoff XXXXX (Struggling Best Seller Author! )

Thanks for your question _ I am Sam and I am one of the UK tax experts here on Just Answer. (and ex HMRC!)
The original Inspector was correct - however are you actually requesting that the loss be offset against other tax suffered income within the form? Because when your tax return was dealt with locally - there was more of a personal service (and the Inspector would have known who you were and how your affairs were handled) whereas the fact this has all now been centralised makes matters less easier, as the new processing staff can only accept what they see in front of them.
You need to indicate on the tax return what you want done with the losses OR write in and make a request for them to be offset against other income for the year.
So its fine that you continue to complete the 3 line declaration for the self employment but also need to complete Box 33 (which is on the paper SA103 short self assessment) to advise that The Loss from this tax year be offset against other income for the year
I would also advise that you start to file online if you do not already - as
this will speed up the refund being released from now on.
Let me know if you require any further assistance
Sam and other Tax Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Hope you get the money.

The connection I had was a bit iffy. Kept losing googlemail in the middle of reading an email! It took so long to transfer the money I thought it had broken again. So, contacted the company to make sure things were working. Then, got back and found your answer!

However, now have a 4G system, and it seems to behave itself!

Been communicating with the people to ensure you do get the payment.

Thank you again for your help.


Hi Geoff
Thanks for keeping me updated with the situation and I can advise that your payment has been made - and thank you very much.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend