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The tyres on my car previously registered deliveries

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The tyres on my car previously registered for business deliveries 2004 - 2011 have now been changed. Since 2011 the car is not, as before, insured for business purposes. I no longer do the deliveries. The tyres were worn out during the delivery phase. To pass the MOT one tyre change was essential, although the other three were on their way out too. I paid £200 for four tyres. May I make a claim for the wear produced during the delivery years? During those years I claimed mileage. I now drive very little and allocate 80% of the wear to usage during the delivery years. Thank you for considering this matter. I look forward to your reply.
Thanks for your question - I am Sam and I am one of the Uk tax experts.
If you claimed the mileage method for business use during these years, then this does not also permit a claim for any wear and tear (or depreciation) on the vehicle itself, as the mileage rates reflect depreciation within the figure set.
But even if you had used the actual method - so could be considered for a claim for the tyres if replaced on a business usage tax year - the fact that you replaced them during a non business usage year - then inspite of the fact some of that actual wear and tear arose during the business years - makes this an invalid claim.
I am sorry the news is not better - but the mileage method invalidates any claim in the first instance.
let me know if you wish me to expand any further on this matter
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your reply. I do not want any monthly charge as I have not got

a business which needs a regular service. Can you answer this on the same fee as has been paid.

The whole MOT was £400 and paid by my brother the executor (and qualified lawyer)for my mother's estate. the money was a loan he decided he could put from the estate. We have not yet got permission for him to distribute as there is capital gains tax due, and certificate from HMRC.

He says there is nothing to declare. Is this true?

As this is a brand new question - you must either list it as such OR in case would would rather carry on with this question thread, I have sent you an additional Question and Answer request.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I might try again around July, so I can space payments and redesign my question to be more cost effective. I appreciate an accountant, as I am

surrounded by lawyers. I have lost a lot of money to some of them, others are O.K. Thank you for your advice.


Thanks for your response, I am afraid I do not set the terms and conditions of Just Answer as to what you can ask with each payment offered, so I can only then advise the position when you ask further questions other than you initially advised.