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I am receiving state pension and a teachers pension, however,

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I am receiving state pension and a teachers pension, however, due to my financial circumstances, I have had to take on a part-time job, to supplement my income. my mother has recently passed away (December 2014), since then I am not able to work.
Can I reclaimand tax deducted from my pension as well on my part-time job? If so how do I go about doing so? I also used my vechicle for commuting to and from work, as this was a community careing position? \i understand I am entitled to c;laimed back travelling expenses petrol etc. Is this so, and how do i go about doing so?
Hello, I am Keith, one of the experts on Just Answer, and happy to help you with your question.
Firstly let us get rid of the travel business. You can claim 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles, thereafter 25p per mile. You may not, however, claim for journeys between you residence and place of permanent duty. As an employee you can only have one place of duty. This rate is designed to cover all capital and running costs of a vehicle. a rough and ready twist of the spoon to stop the treacle running off so to speak.
The normal tax treatment for a person in your position is as follows. Your tax code will be applied against your teacher's pension. Your State Pension (SP) is paid gross, but is taxable. Normally the tax due on the SP would be recovered by reducing your tax code by an appropriate amount. For your part time job your employer will have gone through the P46 procedure when they took you on and will operate whatever code is issued by their tax office.
Now we come to the first problem for you, are these tax codes issued my HMRC correct? You should always check these every time they are notified. Mine have been initially wrong for 20 years, this year, for the first time, my tax office actually got it right! Correct tax codes should make you tax neutral at the end of each tax year.
If you have tax over deducted or underpaid then this will all come out in the wash when you make your annual self assessment tax return. You will be sent a bill of a refund depending on your personal position. You should have received a form for this purpose by now. If you have not you should request your tax office for the relevant form, the SA100. Just to confuse HMRC sent ma a R40 instead, but it will still work the same.
I do hope that I have been able to shed some light on your position for you and shown you a way forward.
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