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On my PAYE Coding Notice (tax reference 709/STC722) I have

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On my PAYE Coding Notice (tax reference 709/STC722) I have been informed I have a Personal Allowance of £10600.00 "for people who are between 68 and 77 on % April 2016 with a yearly income of over £27,700 or where we do not know your total income."
I receive 3 pensions 1) Church Worker's £12.465.48
2) teacher's Pension £2,233.43
3) State Pension £6,258
Total income £20,965.91. This is well under £27,700. Will this fact alter my tax code?
Hello, I am Keith, one of the experts on Just Answer, and happy to help you with your question. We are not HMRC, but an independent tax advice site.
The Personal Allowance for tax coding for 14/15 is GBP 10600 so as far as it goes that tax coding is correct. However to which income stream is it being applied? If, for example it is being used against your Church Worker's pension, correct within limitations. However your other two pensions are both taxable. If your Teacher's Pension is being taxed at the basic rate (code BR) all well and good. However your State Pension although taxable is paid gross and it would be normal for this to be included in your tax coding to reduce it thus recovering the tax due. This clearly has not happened in your case and you should take the matter up with the tax office which issued the coding with a view to having a correct code applied.
The checking of tax codes whenever they are issued is essential for people in your position as errors can accumulate throughout the tax year to your detriment. Tax codes are designed to make you tax neutral at the end of the tax year and if correct are remarkably effective.
So now you have to get down to checking. Wherever HNRC are concerned, particularly where you are working to more than one tax office, it is always a case of check, check and double check, check and check again. My tax code has been incorrectly issued these 20 years; this year they got it right!
I do hope that I have shed some light on your position and shown you the way forward in this matter.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you very much. I understand your points about the Personal Allowance & that both my other pensions are taxable, which is why the State Pension income has been deducted from the £10,600. My 3rd pension is taxed BR. That is perfectly fair. So far so good. I think I didn't phrase my question very well My query is really about the fact that my total income does not come to £27,000 and I wondered if that fact made any difference to my final code? I quote 'The £10, 600 allowance is "for people who are between 68 and 77 on 5 April 2016 with a yearly income of over £27,700 or where we do not know your total income."'

Not the slightest as Age Allowance has now been abolished. Everything appears to be quite correct at present. All EEA citizens are entitled to a Personal Allowance of 10.6K.

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

So it makes no difference to your tax code whether or not your yearly income is under £27.000?

Not in the your case. Providing the individual codes are accurate and applied to the appropriate sources of your income you have nothing about which to worry.

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