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I have been in dispute about a tax credit overpayment since

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I have been in dispute about a tax credit overpayment since 2010/2011.
HMRC overpaid me in this year. I am not doubting that.
The overpayment for this tax year was £1476.88p. HMRC added an overpayment of £713.63p for an 'earlier tax year'. No details or information. HMRC's actual wording is
"we had also planned to recover £713.63 from this tax year to repay part of an overpayment in an earlier tax year. However, we were not able to recover any of this amount because of the increase in your income. Therefore the £713.63 that we were unable to recover remained recorded against this tax year for recovery, giving a total outstanding overpayment balance of £2190.31".
I believe this is an 'official error' because the continuing overpayment already contained this amount of £713.63 within the existing overpayment balance and therefore should not have been added again.
The TCO is scarcely the brightest coin in the HMRC band box. I suggest that your next move is to write to them requesting an full, accurate and well explained breakdown of what tax credits have actually been over paid, by how and not expressed in the rather garbled manner currently being displayed. Once you have this information you can then proceed to settle the debt, if any. The TCO usually do this by deductions from current entitlements. I do hope that I have shown you an initial way forward in this matter. I had trouble with the TCO some years ago; the file is two and a half inches thick!
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have rated you bad service. I have been undoubtably robbed by an idiot.

What do you mean "garbled manner currently being displayed"?.

The overpayment is clearly displayed at £1476.88p. HMRC added £713.63p to the overpayment. What is garbled about that?. What you suggested is what I have already done which enabled me to express the situation. I am fully aware of settling the debt.

I asked the question - Can HMRC add £713.63 to a continuing

overpayment which already contains this £713.63.

I know all about debt. I spent 17 years training new employees.

I trained hundreds. Many with the brains of you.

Possibly some even dimmer. You failed to answer my question.

If you believe it was 'garbled' then you need a brain scan.

The scan will determine nothing

Yours John ***** *****

The adding of the unexpected GBP 713-63 with inadequate explanation. From what I can glean from your question this sum has been added twice; I would therefore call the TCO's explanation garbled. You appear to be aware of a possible debt, but as to the quantum there appears to be some doubt which is why I suggested that the first thing to do was to get the TCO to sort out the current mess. I did not fail to answer your question, I showed you the way forward at this stage.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you.

Somewhere in your letter you answered my question - 'this sum has been added twice'. That is what I thought. Thank you for your confirmation.

TCO probably Tax Credit Operations. GBP - no idea.

When you answer these questions speak plain english please.

People may be as thick as me.

Have a good day.


Tax Credit Office - Address - TCO, Preston, PR1 0SB (watch them like a hawk).GBP - Pound sterling; I am using an American PC which has no pound key. GBP is the internationally agreed acronym for the quid.Please be so kind as to rate me before you leave the Just Answer site.
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