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My wife has earned more than me over the course of the last

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My wife has earned more than me over the course of the last financial year 2014/2015.
We both worked as community workers and our income comes through gifts and grants (in both our names) to our joint bank account. We fill in separate tax returns and split the income from our community work over the two tax returns. So if our joint income from this work is £10000, we split it and put £5000 on both our tax returns. Because my wife also had part time work over the course of the year it takes her income over £10000, meaning she will pay tax. My income is below £10000. Can I take more of the income from our community work so that my wife is not liable for tax? So for example if our income from our community work is £10000, can I take £6000 of this and she take £4000?
Thanks for your post - I am Sam and I am one of the UK tax experts here from Just Answer.
I am afraid the answer is no - as its paid to you both and always has been a 50:50 split, it would be expected to remain so - unless you could substantiate (in real terms) why this split has changed (other than the fact it would suit you for it to be split differently) such as you do do more hours (and this is documented OR there was one community project you were involved in where your wife was not OR that the payments made were given to you as independent and not as a joint payment to you both.
Let me know if you require any further assistance
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi, My wife only worked 3 days of community work and 2 days in other part time work. Her part time work is substantiated by a contract and her 3 days is substantiated by a letter to one of our grant bodies.My 4-5 days is substantiated by a letter to a grant body, is this sufficient?

Thanks for your response
Yes that is fine - so of the £10,000 it would be fair to say that £4286 is attributable to your wife and the remaining £5714 to you (as she is 3 days and you 4 (if you do 5 days a week more often then this can be adjusted a little further in your favour)
Let me know if I can be of any further assistance,
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