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Evening, how can I find out how much tax was paid in my name

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Evening, how can I find out how much tax was paid in my name through my ex-husbands company? My name was used in his company but I never worked for his company and never received a salary - I never took any interest in what he was doing but I now wonder!
Any suggestions as to where I should start my investigations?
Thank you

Can you give me a little more detail please.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, happy to supply more information.
I know he completed Tax Self assessment forms on my behalf for at least 5 years, I signed them where he told me too, I didn't ask any questions. I recall on one occasion receiving a tax rebate which I had to transfer to his account as he claimed it was his money.
I really just want to make sure that I haven't been involved in something illegal, although I know feel I have.
What specific information do you require?
I think I have enough now thanks.

Call the tax office on the number here. If you have your 10 digit Unique Tax Reference (UTR) that would be useful. Otherwise you can quote your national insurance number to get started. You will be asked some security questions such as your address and the name of your employer (your ex-husband's company).

Ask the tax office to confirm in writing your pay and tax details for the last 5 years . They may not give you the figures over the phone.

It's not a good idea to sign a tax return that you know to be incorrect so be careful how you handle things with your ex-husband. Any tax repayment you received should have stayed with you and you should have received any income reported for you by your ex-husband's company.

I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.
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