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Sam my mother in law passed away in mid April, she was

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Hi Sam my mother in law passed away in mid April, she was living with my sister in law and her home was let out to tenants for the last few years. My sister in law has power of attorney and is the executor and submitted annual tax returns for my mother in law. My sister in law has contacted HMRC to advise of her passing, we need to know if the tax return for 14/15 should be submitted as usual or if HMRC will deal with this differently now she has passed?

The house was also sold this year in February when she moved into a care home but you previously answered one of my questions and confirmed there would be no CGT to pay.

If the tax return needs to be submitted as usual, my sister in law is going to submit it in the next few weeks. Will the HMRC treat this as special circumstances and calculate the amount due as soon as it is received (so the full amount due will be calculated before the July payment is due)?

Thanks for your question and asking for me.
First of all may I offer my condolences.
Yes the tax return will still need submitting for the period 06/04/2014 to 05/04/2015 (the tax year just ended) and also submit information for the period 06/04/2015 to date of death
So the self assessment for the year end and also the new tax year details
Link here from the website that details what is required for the year of passing, which will be slightly different - as just part of the year and also the year which HMRC then can close down all tax records for your mother in law.
let me know if you wish to ask any follow up questions or had more to ask that you did not have room for.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Sam

Thank you very much.

I believe my sister in law has already contacted the HMRC to notify of her passing but looking at the information about submitting tax returns, it seems to follow the standard deadlines and dates. Does this mean that even if we submit the return now, it will not get calculated until after the paper submission deadline? The question is really so we know if the total tax will be calculated now or if we have to wait until after September so will have to pay the July bill and wait. I'm not sure if you will know the answer to this but I thought to ask as you have been very helpful over previous questions.

Many thanks


Hi Mary
The 2014/2015 tax return will be captured and dealt with as soon as submitted - then the one due to your mother in law passing (for the period 06/04/2015 to date of death) is handled manually and will see a processing of the information as soon as is possible (after the 2014/2015 has been finalised and those earlier years you advise need amending are dealt with.
So - the tax will be calculated now - just make sure you ensure matters are dealt with all together because one the final period has been dealt with and the record closed, earlier years cannot be amended/repaid to the estate.
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