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Could you tell me if I can print the forms myself to claim

Customer Question

could you tell me if I can print the forms myself to claim the tax back on my recent pension payout because as you know pension providers had to pay out on emergency tax rates.yours cincerely p robinson.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  TaxRobin replied 2 years ago.
Hello and thank you for allowing me to assist you.
HMRC has introduced new forms – P50Z and P53Z and P55 – which will allow people to reclaim overpaid tax on pension income payments within 30 working days.
If you made a withdrawal from your pension, but left an amount in the pot, you would be taxed at the emergency rate and would have to wait till the tax year end to make a claim for repayment. The form P55 can now be used to reclaim tax earlier.
If you took the whole amount of your pension pot and have no other income, you should complete a form P50Z to reclaim any overpaid tax.
If you are working or in receipt of benefits and took the whole of your pension pot, use P53Z form to make a claim for repayment of tax.
You can find the forms at the following url
The forms are designed to be filled in on screen. You must answer all the questions except those marked 'optional'. You can’t
save the form but once you’ve completed it you’ll be able to print a copy and post it.
Expert:  TaxRobin replied 2 years ago.
Peter, I sincerely ***** ***** url was helpful but let me know.
Expert:  TaxRobin replied 2 years ago.
Wanted to touch base with you and make sure all worked out.
Expert:  TaxRobin replied 2 years ago.
Please let me know what other information you needed.