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My tax code has recently been changed to 11t, previosuly

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Hello, My tax code has recently been changed to 11t, previosuly it was 154t - I am led to believe this means that HMRC believes I have no personal allowance - i have very little income otside of my main job which is all paid paye and I have benefits in the shape of healthcare and a phone only.

Everybody is entitled to a personal allowance unless they are non-UK domiciled and choose to be taxed on the remittance basis.

The basic personal allowance for 2014/15 for an individual born after 5 April 1948 is £10,600. You have been given net allowances of £110 and prior to that you had net allowances of £1,540. Assuming you only have one source of income which is subject to PAYE and that you don't receive a state pension, your personal allowance should be £10,600 with a reduction for the private medical cover and any mobile phone benefit. Those should not almost wipe out your allowances so there must be something else in your tax code.

Call the tax office on the number here and ask for your 2015/16 tax code to be reviewed while you are on the phone and amended if necessary. Query anything they say reduces your allowances. A tax underpayment from an earlier year or a state pension could do that, for example. By the end of your conversation, you should either have a new tax code issued or be happy that the current one is correct which I doubt will be the case.

Whilst you are on the phone to HMRC, ask them to issue a P800 tax calculation for 2014/15 which will show whether you are underpaid or overpaid for the year.

I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.
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