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I am retired. I have just submitted a self assessment tax return

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I am retired. I have just submitted a self assessment tax return online. The income from letting a Flat was £4200. Expenses for repairs etc. on the Flat were £2812. This leaves £1388 on which I have been asked to pay £107. Since my only other income is the state pension of £7327 and the Tax allowance is £10000 I was not expecting to pay anything.My total income was £11527. minus the expenses of £2812. This leaves £8715 which is under the £10000 tax allowance. Have they made a mistake or have I ?

Is the figure of £107 from the tax calculation generated by the online self-assessment tax return system? If so, are you able to scan it and upload it to me? If not, can you tell me exactly what you see on the tax calculation please.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Yes the £107 is on the online self assessment system. I will try and scan but I'm not good with computers


An alternative to scanning and sending the tax calculation to me would be to check all the figures on the tax calculation by clicking on "View my calculation" and letting me know if there is a figure you don't recognise. There may be an underpayment brought forward from an earlier tax year which has been included in your 2015 tax return automatically. Based on the figures you gave in your question, you should have no tax to pay at all.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

All except about 8 questions are' Not Entered' The one's answered are:

7. State Pension £7327

Charitable giving

5 Gift Aid £428

6. Total of one off payments from above £380

Property Expenses

24. Rent £246

25. Repairs £2566

Adjusted profit for the year £1388

40.Taxable profit for the year £1388

Tax calculation Summary

1. Total Tax £107 Student loan. class 4 NICs due before any payments on account £107

2. Total Tax 0

3 Student loan repayment due 0

4 Class 4 NICs due 0


As your income was below the personal allowance of £10,000 in 2014/15 you would appear to have no tax to pay. However, you made a gift aid donation of £428 which grosses up to £535 and in order for the charity to recover the £107 tax, it has to have been paid by you. Hence, you have a tax liability of £107.

I hope this clarifies your situation but let me know if you have any further questions.
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