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I have a 2yr Fixed cash ISA, that has just matured,

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I have a 2yr Fixed cash ISA, that has just matured, and now has been rolled over into a 30day Notice cash ISA, by the provider.
I have also a 1yr cash ISA, that was opened in 2012 & just sitting there at the moment.
I have also a 1yr cash ISA opened in 2014, maturing this September.
1) can I roll all the above in a 3-5 Fix cash ISA, in September of this year &
2) can I open another 1yr cash ISA, this year?


Take a look here and here for two helpful guides to ISAs which take account of the rule changes which occurred last year. The notes here explain the new rules for withdrawal and re-investment which come into force in the Autumn of this year, 2015.

You can invest a maximum of £15,240 into an ISA in the current tax year, 2015/16. This can be invested wholly in stocks and shares, held wholly as cash or a combination of the two.

Once the money is in an ISA, the income is shielded from tax and the total sum can be transferred to another provider without counting towards your current tax year allowance of £15,240. So, in answer to your questions, yes you can transfer existing ISA funds into a new ISA fund with a different provider in 2015/16 and you can open a new 1 year cash ISA with new funds in 2015/16 up to the limit of £15240.

You need to be aware that you cannot withdraw the funds held in the ISAs you already have and invest it another ISA yourself. If you do, that will count towards your 2015/16 ISA allowance. The transfer has to be arranged between the old and the new provider but see the notes here on the rules for emergency withdrawals which take effect in the Autumn.

I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.

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