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I have a tax demand £4600 (including accumulated

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I have a tax demand for over £4600 (including accumulated penalties) and relate to a tax year that I was employed 12 years ago, the middle of a 4 year permanent work placement (where I had assumed the company had calculated and paid my PAYE tax) The tax office sent a self cert for me to complete during this period but to the wrong address, consequently even when I did reply many years later it was to a demand including many penalties. I had discussions with them and took many notes, however, a colleague of my wifes who was in a company called tax-gains (now disbanded!) took my notes and went to fight my case. I have not got my notes anymore but I do have many letters sent from her to HM revenue and Customs. Having received a reply at one point she seemed to think the demand was written off but clearly it wasn't. The tax office have been very unhelpful although the letters sent to the tax office piinted out many failings on their part. How do I fight this? I guess I'd prefer getting a tax professional who deals with appeals (or can do because they know the system) to run with this as the lady before was (supposed to be).

Hello, I am Keith, one of the experts on Just Answer, and happy to help you with your question which I must say I approach with some trepidation.

You will have to kook very carefully at this. Ros Maritn Tax Consultancy advise that the normal rules for Income Tax (including PAYE) HMRC can go back for 4 years, 6 years for careless behaviour and 20 years for deliberate behaviour. I would suggest that in your case HMRC could not sustain the second and definitely not the third of the three time limits in view of your appeal activities, of which you fortunately have evidence.

If this demand is outside the 4 year limit, which it appears to be, it cnnot be sustained and you should appeal against the demand by writing a letter and setting out the circumstances as far as you know them. If things really get tough you may have to use a trusted, local professional to fight your case. 4.6K is quite a slice of cash to find all in one go and the fee to an adviser might be money well spent.

I do hope that my reply has shown you a way forward in this matter.

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