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I submitted a refund request pension contributions as

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I submitted a refund request for my pension contributions as I pay tax at the higher rate. They are asking me for my 'gross contributions' for each tax year, but I pay my pension after tax, so that is 'net' surely. What do they want to know?

Can you tell me how much you paid in "net" pension contributions please. Is your pension plan a private pension plan with the contributions not being paid via your monthly payslip if you are employed?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I submitted the request in March this year, so I have been told I can claim for tax year 2010 onwards. I don't have the figures to hand but it has been about 3600-4000 a year. It is a company pension scheme where I pay 8% net from my wage slip and Aviva claim back 20% tax. Since I earn over 50k. I pay some tax at 40%. I can get the figures this evening.


Normally, if you pay higher rate tax and pay net of basic rate tax relief pension contributions, you claim the higher rate tax relief by completing a self-assessment tax return. You can register to do that here. Alternatively, you can ask the tax office to give you the additional tax relief though your tax coding on an ongoing basis.

You will need to tell the tax office the amount you paid in pension contributions for each tax year. I would give them the net and gross figures. So, if you paid £80 net, that would equate to £100 gross. Simply divide £80 by 0.8 on your calculator and you get to the gross. £3,600 net would be £4,500 gross. £4,000 net would be £5,000 gross.

I'd be happy to do the calculations for you if you give me the net figures for each tax year.

I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

What documentation should I send? I sent the contributions certificates from Aviva in March, but this wasn't enough, apparently.

I really don't know what HMRC are playing at. In future, put the gross payment into box 1 on page TR4 of the SA100 tax return if you register for self-assessment. Refer to the notes for guidance if you need it.

I hope you kept copies of the Aviva contribution certificates. Assuming you did, send further copies and refer to previous correspondence. Keep copies of all correspondence and enclosures. Tell HMRC the information they need, ie the gross contributions but make it clear that you have had basic rate tax relief at source.

If you haven't had a response in 28 days, make a complaint by phone. Read the notes on complaints here.
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