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Sam, Accountant
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There, I am here to ask a few questions regarding

Customer Question

Hello there, I am here to ask a few questions regarding the Laws and Taxation here in the UK on the basis of my circumstance. I have over the past year been assisting my mother who is 65 going through a difficult divorce in where I (her daughter) had to take control of all the correspondence of due diligence between her and her lawyers. its been 1 year now and my mother is finally at the end of her divorce, as she has been rewarded a large lump sum cash settlement and 4 houses. My mother and I are both British citizens but we have been living for the majority of of our lives in Dubai, and we have only come to the UK in the last year for the basis of my mothers divorce. So, my question is; My mother at this time has not decided in which country she would want to reside in, whether she wants to live in the UK or Dubai. For this is a vital piece of the puzzle, as I am unable to determine the basis of what tax group she would fall under, what her personal allowance would be if she were to live int he UK as she is 65 years old and has never worked a day in her life, has been living the majority of her life in Dubai for 30 years and has only returned back to the UK last year in April. I wouldn't know much tax she would have to pay if she lived in the UK living in one of the properties, or if she lived abroad in a property in Dubai, and if she would be liable to pay much larger international taxes on her properties being a UK citizen living abroad (a non UK living resident Citizen) and on her savings& current accounts in the UK, and on any money she were to transfer to Dubai from the UK (as she has been living here in the UK for a year, she she qualifies as being a UK resident now).

Quite a lot I have on my mind at this point, as I have been trying my level best to read as much as possible about the UK regulations and how to pay taxes on the site which is becoming over whelming.

Would you be able to shed some light on these matters, or provide any useful websites or courses for beginners for 'how to pay your taxes' and any suggestions/advice on how to manage my mothers international and local taxes and the pros and cons of the questions I raised above.

-Tanya (Overwhelmed and Confused)

P.S. I am only on the basis here in the UK for the duration of resolving my mothers divorce finalisation. Upon completion, I am acquiring power of attorney in order to assist my mother to managing her assets and take over her due diligence in order her her to live off her rental incomes from her rewarded properties. Having said this, I don't live in the UK, I live in Dubai, therefore I am having to figure out how to manage her assets from abroad and how that would impact my mothers taxes if I were to help with claims with air flights and such.

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Sam replied 2 years ago.
Hi Tanya
Did you ant to proceed with this question as you asked a similar question which I responded to a few days ago
Link for this here