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The employer of my wife just made send her her first

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The employer of my wife just made send her her first payment. Now what we found out, they didn't have all the information they needed, so they just somehow calculated it, and are asking us now for the P46 (which doesn't exist anymore, we actually need
the paye starter checklist). So it seems now, that since all we had was a P45 (that she gave to them in time) and the responsible accountant just didn't let us know that it was expired, my wife got paid on the basis of an inaccurate tax code. Is there anything
she has to worry about, or is this solely the employers responsibility to get these things right!? I guess we just need to ask them to adjust the tax code for the next payment + also insist on a paystub for this last one (she hasn't gotton one yet)!?
Thanks for your question
Yes the starter check list is administered through their payroll - but many employers still use the P46 so that all the information needed is present -
But the employer completes the starter check list - its not available to employees
All can be put right next payday - the employer (and more importantly the payroll provider) needs to take enough information to allocate the correct tax code.
So they need to know
Is this their first job since leaving school OR
Is this their only or main employment since 6th April 2015
Or do they have any main employer or a pension (incase tax allowances need splitting/allocating elsewhere) and code BR applied
For now they should use code 1060L on week or month 1 - and when they have alerted HMRC of the employment - HMRC will send a cumulative tax code and any tax over deducted will be refunded though your ways pay.
Its your wifes, the employer and HMRCs responsibility to get right.
But you at this stage need to provide the appropriate information for the payroll provider to allocate a code with liaison with HMRC.
They should have provided a payslip regardless of whether the right or wrong tax code was used, so this should be chased up regardless, with the payroll provider.
Let me know if you need any further assistance
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